Lullaby Classics CD


Lullaby Classics

In 2012, Kids’ Classics recorded a CD of ‘Lullaby Classics’ on behalf of The National Concert Hall and The Community Foundation for Ireland. This CD is given to parents and children throughout the hospitals during the ongoing programme visits.

Feedback from the children’s hospitals:

  • ‘Thoroughly enjoyed the music. Very relaxing and set a nice atmosphere in the unit.’
  • ‘It was beautiful and up lifting for all of my family. Both I, my husband and our girls feel like we were outside!’
  • ‘Music seems to transport you to a relaxed state away from drips, drains and beeping machines. It is wonderful for the wonderful children that attend here and also their worried parents. To see my daughter’s face light up as she sings a long to the pieces she knows is fantastic. The fact she adores music, singing of any sort, having it in the hospital where she can see the instruments is amazing.’
  • ‘Brilliant and interesting opportunity for children to mix and enjoy music and musical instruments they would otherwise not encounter.’

Listen to “Hush Little Baby” – words and music by Ciarán Hope